Sponsors Day

Dubai Sharks RFC's first Sponsors Day
Dubai Sharks Rugby Club UAE newsletter issue 2

A Successful Sponsors Day

The club day on the 15th was a first for the club on many fronts. On the sponsorship side, it marked our first ever “Sponsors Day”, an opportunity to host our main sponsors, RSS and Dekra Insight for our 1st and 2nd XV games.

The day served to showcase our club to our sponsors, it provided a networking opportunity for our sponsors to meet club members with which meaningful business connections could be made and to show our gratitude to our sponsors for the tremendous support they’ve provided this season. We’ve come a long way these past few seasons and we really could not have done so without the support from RSS and Dekra Insight.

Man of the match awards were presented by our sponsors. For the 2nd XV game, the award was presented by Simon, Vice President of Consulting for Dekra Insights to Jeremy Brisco whilst the MOM award for the 1st XV game was presented by Robin, Group Sales and Marketing Director for RSS to Joe Corcoran.

As a show of appreciation to our sponsors, commemorative framed shirts were presented to RSS, Dekra Insight, James Tucker and Emril.

Our commitment this year to RSS and Dekra Insight was to provide a number of networking opportunities throughout the season so that we can show the value of supporting our club. As we continue our development and transition into a major club in the UAE and hopefully Gulf league, we will need to do more to ensure the support from our sponsors is rewarded and this requires the ongoing help from each Shark member. Look out for and take part in future events.

Thanks to everyone that played a part in making the first Sponsors Day a success