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Dubai 7s 2015 Schedule For Players & Supporters
Dubai Sharks Rugby Sevens

Dubai 7s 2015 Schedule For Players & Supporters

The Dubai 7’s is by far the greatest weekend of Rugby our great sport produces each year. Dubai is unique with so many numbers of players from all levels of rugby coming together to play the sport we all love.

I was lucky enough to play a number of times for our great club in both our Arabian Potbelly colours and also those of the mighty Sharks. There are very few rugby experiences that will surpass being able to represent our club at the Dubai 7’s.

I hope that you, both old and new members, take the time to truly experience wearing the Shark shirt with pride this weekend. This weekend we have 7 Local UAE teams and one international team representing the club. Our teams do play under differing names, APB Sharks, Dubai Sharks, Dubai Frogs, Shark –Wasps and the Bali Legends, but we all represent one great Club the DUBAI SHARKS.

Below are a few of the import dates and timings for this week so that you get your playing kit.

1 December 2015

Please make sure you have spoken with your team manager and have made arrangements to sign the Dubai 7’s Team/Player Declaration sheet. Until signed you or your team cannot play. – PLEASE SEE TEAM SELECTION BELOW which notes your Team Manager.

Wednesday 2nd December 2015

9.30am Bali Legends Breakfast. Its now sold out
3.00pm -4.30pm CLUB SHORTS AND SOCKS distribution at Rugby Park, Dubai Sports City. Men Only. Helen has all the ladies kit. Men if you cant make it please let your manager know and he can collect yours for you and distribute Wednesday evening or Thursday Morning.
3.30pm-5.00pm – Bali legends training at Dubai Sports City
7pm-9pm Dubai Sharks RFC Dubai 7’s Shirt Presentation at the Warwick Hotel. Make sure you are there. All players selected will get a voucher for food and 2 beverages.

DUBAI 7’s 3rd – 5th Dec 2015

Please see the attached Game Schedule. You must contact your team manager to confirm your meet time before your first games

CLUB MEETING POINT – on the Hill between Pitch 2 and 3. We will be there all weekend to sort out any issues you might have and to share your beverages

CLUB PHOTOGRAPH – Thursday 2.25pm at the corner of the club house beside pitch 7 and the swimming pool. See the attached location map. Lets make sure we all get there, lets see if we can surpass last years numbers. And Lets make some noise when we get there!!

Watching the games on Pitch 1 we will take up a position in the middle of the Dnata Stand, just under the shade.

Make sure, when you are not playing you are supporting all our teams that are playing
Make sure you enjoy yourself, but where the shirt with Pride

Teams for this years 7’s are as follows:

Dubai Frogs 7’s(GML)

Team Managers: Alan Robertson & Adrian Cartwright

  1. Alex Lewis
  2. Aphaxard Andrew Agenga
  3. Baptiste Voron
  4. Benard Okoth Ochieng’
  5. Brendan McCauley
  6. Caleb Anderson
  7. Dan Crumplin
  8. Jonny Corcoran
  9. Joseph Corcoran
  10. Kadyn Kwok-Kelly
  11. Rob Forster
  12. Romain Contat-Desfontaines

Arabian Potbelly Sharks 7’s(GMO)

Team Managers: Danny Griffiths & Peter Clarke

  1. Abiodun Samuel Alake
  2. Abishur Cherian
  3. Adam Briggs
  4. Alex Johnson
  5. Charith Randeniya
  6. Danilo Bulatovic
  7. Freddie Clifford
  8. Kabir Dhatt
  9. Mark Welton
  10. Mohamed Ali Ngwena
  11. Stevie Leonard
  12. Wilfred Mwaura Karanja

Arabian Potbelly Sharks 7’s(GU19)

Team Managers: Zac Gawn & Charles Ashwell

  1. Aslan Dukaev
  2. Baptiste Liagre
  3. Jack Grant
  4. Jacques – Riis Breytenbach
  5. James Macrae
  6. Joshua Armstrong
  7. Louis Edmunds
  8. Matthew Williams
  9. Mitchell Kennedy
  10. Rhys Luke
  11. Samy Shelbaya
  12. Trev Mais

Arabian Potbelly Sharks 10’s(GMV)

Team Managers: Ray Shaw & Estelle Cooper

  1. Anton De Waal
  2. Armel Van Erck
  3. Ben Tilston
  4. Dan Gawn
  5. Drew Franklin
  6. Freddy Vion
  7. Garry Wells
  8. Gerard Griffin
  9. James Fraser-Thorburn
  10. James Tucker
  11. Jason Ruehland
  12. Juan Garcia-Morato Gonzalez
  13. Neil McGookin
  14. Ricardo Pascoal
  15. Salvador Pereira

Dubai Frogs 10’s(GMV)

Team Managers: Kevin Drew & Misty Jenkins

  1. Anthony Di Paola
  2. Anthony Ryan
  3. Brian Jenkins
  4. Gareth Deere
  5. George Okoyo
  6. Luc Escoute
  7. Mark Buley
  8. Mark Farish
  9. Nicolas Segurens
  10. Paul Page
  11. Peter Muinde
  12. Richard Buchan
  13. Richard Clohessy
  14. Trefor Elliot
  15. Xavier Lucas

Sharks Womens 7’s(GW)

Team Managers: Chris Bath & Kim Duff

  1. Beth Middleton
  2. Ciara Lynn
  3. Lisa Marie Murphy
  4. Michelle Christie
  5. Sandy Naylor
  6. Sanit Stiglingh
  7. Tara Cooney
  8. Helen Amos
  9. Una McGrath
  10. Lena
  11. Emma Hughes

Sharks – Wasps Womens 7’s(GW)

Team Managers: Nick Baron & Dani Hammond

  1. Alaina Leddy
  2. Amber Louise Griffiths
  3. Claire Heylin
  4. Fiona Lane
  5. Hannah Aspen
  6. Maeve Kennedy
  7. Manisha Lobo
  8. Steph Ane Murphy
  9. Nicki Cadden
  10. Sara Elisabeth
  11. Sorcha Chleirigh
  12. Desire

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